Travis Jones

Words saved my life.

Because words are not just sounds that we speak or lines that we draw. Words are tools that we use to sift through the stuff of our lives. Our experiences. Our memories. Our relationships. Our hopes and fears. Our pain. And our deeper beliefs and values. Without words to help us speak back to the stuff of our worlds, we run the risk of having others speak for us. Or we miss out on the opportunity to gain some new insight or perspective on our life calling, lived challenges or possible selves waiting for us around the corner. 

 I spend a lot of time with words in my work as a speaker, facilitator, researcher and writer because I want to pass on the gift of transformative experiences that was given to me by so many educators and mentors in my life. I have worked as an organizational consultant for close to 10 years in Fortune 100 companies in business, non-profit, government and education industries.

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In my knowledge gathering work, I use focus groups, interviews, and other qualitative methods to explore new ideas or surface hidden problems for myself, organizations or society at large. My research on transformational leadership and the sociology of the future have been published in peer-reviewed journals.


As a workshop facilitator and coach, I create self-reflective experiences for individuals and community-building experiences for groups exploring deeper questions about their identities, goals and obstacles hindering their flourishing in work and life. I am currently leveraging my certification in the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology to help people cultivate more Socially Responsible Work™ in their teams and organizations. Get in touch to find out more about bringing a Socially Responsible Work-shop to you


I design and teach courses for educators and business people in a wide range of topic areas including cultural competency, unconscious bias, critical pedagogy, racial justice, transformational leadership, play studies, restorative justice, human flourishing and socially responsible work.


Public speaking is a passion of mine. My TEDX talk on anti-racism, Bad White People, has reached tens of thousands of people and was featured on NPR’s the TED Radio Hour podcast. I have developed talks on a wide range of topics for colleges, Universities, business conferences, churches and small groups. My ideal speaking engagement is a co-developed talk that addresses the focus of your gathering and is grounded in the culture of the organization and people. I try not to give the same talk twice.